Iron Horse/Born to Lose / Thursday’s Child 
Limited edition signed 7″ vinyl single £10 
Digital download £2

The Gambier Bay
Previously unreleased three song digital download single £3

Shine A Light 
Limited edition signed 7″ single £10 
Digital download £2

I Want You Right Now 
Limited edition signed 7″ single split with Heaven £10 
Digital download of I Want You Right Now and I Want You Tomorrow (previously unreleased and not on vinyl) £2

Everyday, Rock’n’Roll Is Saving My Life Vol2 
Limited edition signed 13 song tour CD from 2005 £10 
Digital download £7

Bolts of Melody album 
Limited edition signed 12″ vinyl of 2007 album £20 
Signed gatefold CD digipak of 2007 album £7

Black Horses 
Limited edition signed 12″ vinyl of 2013 album £20

Spent Bullets 
Signed gatefold CD digipak CD of 2009 album £7

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Swervedriver frontman Adam Franklin is set to release versions of ‘Iron Horse/Born to Lose’ by Motörhead and David Bowie’s ‘Thursday’s Child’ as a double A-side 7” single, on 22nd April 2017, via Club AC30 in celebration of this year’s Record Store Day.

Sketches of the two songs had been lurking on Franklin’s laptop for a while, but when Lemmy and Bowie died within two weeks of each other over a year ago, he decided to finish them off in one recording session. ‘Iron Horse/Born To Lose’, a very early Motörhead song, first appeared in 1977 and Bowie’s ‘Thursday’s Child’ was released much later as a single in 1999. While very different, these songs both have a certain vulnerability, exposed further by Franklin’s own interpretations.

There will be vinyl and download versions available at after April 22nd.

Adam Franklin is a name known to many as the singer, guitarist and main songwriter in Swervedriver, who from 1990 onwards bought you timeless and classic tunes like Son of Mustang Ford, Last Train to Satansville, Duel, Rave Down, Never Lose that Feeling, The Birds.. the list goes on and on. In many ways they would, along with label-mates on the forward-thinking and adventurous Creation label, come to embody a new British psych/shoegaze/rock/pop genre.

Exhausted and disillusioned with everything at the end of an Australian tour in late 1998 however, they dissolved, went home to the UK and moved out of their studio space for an extended hiatus. Adam quickly assembled another musical project in the form of Toshack Highway, relocated to the US and started releasing albums and EPs in 2000. Constantly shifting genres and rearranging styles, his new projects were at first more electronic after he abandoned the standard electric guitar/effects pedals/amps he’d been famous for. 

Recording for a second full length album started as early as 2004 but there was no rush to release it and consequently the album, still unnamed, took three years to finish. Returning somewhat to the electric guitar and effects pedals band format, this was clearly not a Toshack Highway album and since Adam had been playing shows as “Adam Franklin”, by the time the album was released in 2007 the name of the artist on the front was Adam Franklin and the record was called Bolts of Melody – later to also become his band’s name as well as the name of a song on the second AF album. 

Bolts of Melody came out at the height of digital releases when vinyl was considered archaic and out of date and so the record was never mastered for or pressed onto that beautiful black (or coloured) substance that so richly reproduces sound with all its nuances and depth. And so, for the first time, here it is in its full analogue glory.

Out January 2015. Presale on limited edition 180 gram splatter version from Dec 2nd.

Our 3 week odyssey is complete.  Go get the last installment of this amazing project.  36 songs directly for the fans.  Everything is up on Bandcamp and iTunes so take your pick.

Now for some more news.  Take a look a this quote from Adam and see if you can catch the two news bombs:

“Thanks everyone for being involved in this – I have to say I’m quite glad to have it all finished and out there finally. This was all in part promotion of the Black Horses album of course and there is a White Horses album in the making which is some way off yet but that could be a time to embark upon a similar project, perhaps.”

That’s right, a new release is twinkling in Adam’s eye and it is possible the project will repeat.  Yum.

To those of us with a foot still in the physical media past it seems quite likely that all three of these All Happening Now issues will make it to physical release so I’ll keep you posted on that as I get info. There will shortly be some news about a vinyl reissue for later in the year I am told.


Finally Adam returns to work on the new Swervedriver album.  Vocals were being recorded last week and it has now entered the mixing stage.

Feel lucky because you are lucky.

Fans, this is what we have been waiting for.  A late summer’s dream come true.  Grab the first disc at the link below.

I’ll let Adam’s Band Camp page describe it:
All Happening Now is 36 songs, requested by 31 people and recorded in 30 days by Adam Franklin in July 2013 as part of an exclusive recordings project.

Mostly from his back catalogue – Swervedriver, Toshack Highway, Magnetic Morning and Bolts of Melody and solo tunes – there were also three random requests from the year 1967 as a “wildcard” option which he had to honour: luckily he loved the Hendrix tune and approved of the Buffalo Springfield and Frankie Valli requests – “I managed to dodge the Engelbert Humperdink bullet, although our guitar tech Duncan cannily made me record 1967’s ‘The Laughing Gnome’ for him in exchange for fixing a wah wah pedal. This track will sadly remain in the vaults.”

So after requests to make the whole set available, it finally is. The 31 original benefactors receive the whole set for free (apart from Duncan) and the rest of you can either listen to it endlessly on your computers via Bandcamp or purchase it from there and iTunes – but really, you want to buy it of course. (The cover versions are free.) The 36 tracks break down into three sets of 12 songs so disc one is available here now and discs two and three will be available from August 11th and August 18th respectively.

Muses Franklin: “The title ‘All Happening Now’ was suggested by Samuel Lapalme-Remis and it really was all happening last July – I didn’t have too long to spend on each number and so the recordings had to be pretty spontaneous. I have allowed myself the luxury of re-mixing and retouching the tracks here and there in the interim, meaning that a certain number of the original recordings people received remain absolutely exclusive. There has been no additional recording however, just some drum tracks re-programmed and things nudged around”

Thanks to Ben Poore, Iain Blatherwick, Michael Faust, Meredith Puljung, Samuel Lapalme-Remis, Nick Ilott, Karl MacRae, Anna Smolinska, Anthony Seeley, Stephen Cross, Marie Cronin, Trevor Ydreos, Andy Barksdale, Fahmi Hosain, Geoff Calhoun, Peter Horvath, Jason Newberry, Whitney Profitt, Jeff Birgbauer, Colin Cherot, Brad Knox, Christian Santos, David Weislogel, Brandon Dudley, Rob Hobson, Greg Witt, Jim McDermott, Julien Hottinger, Daniel Johnson, Tom Kennedy, Ken Scott and Brad Sears.

From Adam’s facebook

Swervedriver will be performing their 1991 debut album Raise from needle-down to run-off groove for the first time ever in London, on April 4th at The Garage at Highbury Corner followed by a second set of new tunes/other classics. Pre-show drinks across the way at the Hen & Chickens, I expect. It’d be great to see you there – yes, you! (I thought that said “a second set of show tunes” for a second and was slightly worried)

Here’s hoping for more news from Adam soon. This is our year fellow swervies.