Release date is right around the corner and you will no be disappointed. My fan circle is buzzing about this being Adam’s strongest release yet and I have to agree. Second Motion Records has a pre-order bundle available now with LP, CD and high quality mp3. Immediately after ordering you can get your digital files. 

*UPDATE* The link from the Second Motion main page takes you to the ‘bundle’ which includes the vinyl album. if you don’t want the vinyl then click on the artist name and select a different option. I believe you can order the cd/digital only here.

As if that was not enough. Adam’s 6 song acoustic set, interview for Jack Rabid’s Rabid in the Kennel can be streamed and downloaded right from their player. Check it out as well as a fireside chat with Swervedriver from their recent tour.

I Could Sleep for a Thousand Years is right around the corner and the excitement is producing just the things that fans desire. 

I’ve started collecting reviews and posting them in the forum here

“Just released today on Rabid In The Kennel: Adam Franklin, the former Swervedriver frontman, now leading Bolts Of Melody, joins host Jack Rabid of The Big Takeover for an intimate and enchanting solo performance and revealing interview.” Check it out here.