“Adam and Bolts of Melody have recorded a new as yet untitled album, tentatively set for release next Spring.

Mikey Jones who drummed on the recent tour played drums and nailed twelve songs in a day and a half at Stratosphere studio in New York City with sometime Bolt of Melody Matt Sumrow playing bass and keyboards in the broken absence of Josh Stoddard. Matt has previously played keyboards with Bolts in the studio but never live and plays guitar with Dean & Britta and handles piano duties with Ambulance Ltd. Arjun Agerwala recorded the session and all of these dudes play in The Still Out also.

Having just come off the road and rocked up the Spent Bullets tracks there was indeed a rockier spontaneity to the recordings – in fact after jamming the songs out in a rehearsal room situated on Franklin St in Brooklyn, Adam, Mikey and Matt were itching to do an impromptu show as a three-piece somewhere in the city but couldn’t sort it out in time. Instead the band and Arjun drove up to Toronto where Adam and Locksley laid down guitars and vocals and everyone had a couple of drinks.

After adding a few finishing touches at Mark Gardener’s studio in Oxford, Adam aims to mix the album in Cardiff with Charlie Francis sometime after the end of Sophia’s European tour and before Swervedriver’s UK dates.”

Here are the UK dates all together in one place:

11.26.09 O2 Academy, Oxford
11.27.09 ICA, London
11.28.09 Relentless Garage, London
12.04.09 Butlins Holiday Resort, Minehead – All Tomorrow’s Parties
12.05.09 Butlins Holiday Resort, Minehead – All Tomorrow’s Parties
12.06.09 Butlins Holiday Resort, Minehead – All Tomorrow’s Parties

Adam Plays with (in) Sophia frequently and has some European dates coming soon:
09.25.09 Jubez, Karlsruhe (DE)
09.26.09 Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg (DE)
09.27.09 Moritzbastei, Leipzig (DE)
09.28.09 Lido, Berlin (DE)
09.29.09 WuK, Wien (DE)
09.30.09 E-Werk, Welangen (DE)
10.01.09 Forum, Bielefeld (DE)
10.02.09 Schlachtof, Wiesbaden (DE)
10.03.09 Lagerhaus, Bremen (DE)
10.04.09 Kulturkirche, Koln (DE)
10.06.09 Circolo Degli Artisti, Roma (IT)
10.07.09 Musicdrome, Milano (IT)
10.08.09 Hiroshima Mon Amour, Torino (IT)
10.09.09 Schuur, Luzeme (IT)
10.10.09 Le Romandie, Lausanne (CH)
10.12.09 Democrazy, Gent (BE)

If that is not enough, Adam sat down and put finger to keyboard to answer some of the forum’s questions. See the Q & A here.

Adam to appear on a Wire Tribute cd:
“These guys at Words On Music, a label operating out
of Minneapolis contacted me and said they’d love for
me to be on the Wire tribute album they were doing and
that the whole album was gonna be versions of the one
song, Outdoor Miner!

A great song for sure, but a whole album of one song?
So I figured that I should try and do something that
sounds totally different to the original.

So it’s an acoustic finger-picking folky-sounding
thing although there is also some pump organ and
electric guitar feedback in there.

We originally tried to recording it on the road on the
Sophia tour when we were in Bergen and Dublin but it
didn’t sound right so I recorded it back in Brooklyn
at Jason Marcucci’s studio Excello in the end.”

you can preorder for $11 here: http://www.words-on-music.com/news.html

Adam is going on an European tour with Sophia October/November
“Sophia heads out on the road again around Europe for
a month. This tour’s a bigger operation as there’s
gonna be a string quartet out with us also.

I’ve only played with the strings twice, a festival in
Belgium and a radio session in Paris but for some
strange reason the string players are always the ones
who go straight to the back of the bus and start
skinning up and then later on they’re all wasted and
shit – they’re far more rock’n’roll than they oughtta
be in other words!

There’s a Sophia XFM session that we did earlier this
year (without the strings) at the XFM website: 

The Album Leaf are opening up on most of the dates –
that’s this guy Jimmy LaValle from San Diego who used
to be in Black Heart Procession and who’s just
released a nice sounding, really chilled out album
recorded in Iceland with Sigur Ros”

New Toshack Highway band recordings:
“We’ve done these new recordings that sound a lot more
electric and rocky. I’m still not sure if these
recordings should be as Toshack Highway or not,
especially as Jeff Townsin doesn’t play drums on them
– there was originally a plan to record with Jeff and
Will Foster who are both also in Sophia as well as
having done those Toshack shows back in 2000.

In the end though we couldn’t find a time when
everyone was available and so I went up to Toronto in
August and recorded ten songs with Ley Taylor and Matt
Durrant from Sianspheric and Dean Williams who does
this electronica thing called Quasimojo with Ley.

We spent a couple of days at a studio called Broadcast
Lane in Toronto that is run by this really cool guy
called Lurch and then drove an hour north of the city
to a cottage by a lake for some round-the-clock
recording. It’s sounding pretty cool so far, kinda
like psychedelic-midnight-country with occasional
Hendrix and VU flourishes… (well you know, KINDA
Hendrixy – my take on him anyway!) Matt’s drumming
really brought out the Velvetsy side.

We may end up adding some recordings we did in
Brooklyn with Ron Lowder playing drums for release.
I’m especially pleased I got to finally lay down this
instrumental tune called “Theme from LSD” which was 
something that Steve George, Jeff Townsin and me 
came up with during a Sophia soundcheck in Milan 
a few years back.”

Swervedriver retrospective on Sanctuary:
“Yes, it appears that there will be a Swervedriver
retrospective CD issued sometime in the new year. 
Not a lot to report right now other than the fact that 
Jimmy has been meeting up with Alan Moulder in 
London and going through some of the master reels.

At the moment it looks like Sanctuary are quite into
the idea of it containing unreleased/ rarities as well
as being a kind of Best Of and are looking at issuing
a double CD set so it could be pretty cool.”

Great new addition to the mp3 downloads: 
All for albums compiled using the best available live bootleg and radio session recordings. Check it out here.

Adam Franklin will return as Sophia’s guitarist on their upcoming eight week tour of Europe. Keep your eyes on http://www.sophiamusic.tk/ for tour updates and thanks to Carsten for this info. Happy new year swervies! 

the dates are: 

February 12 ’04: Spitz, London (UK) www.spitz.co.uk 
February 13 ’04: Botanique, Brussel (B) www.botanique.be 
February 14 ’04: Muziekodroom, Hasselt (B) www.muziekodroom.be 
February 15 ’04: Paradiso, Amsterdam (NL) www.paradiso.nl 
February 17 ’04: Gleis 22 Münster (D) www.gleis22.de 
February 18 ’04: Forum, Bielefeld (D) www.forum-bielefeld.com 
February 19 ’04: Fabrik, Hamburg (D) www.fabrik.de 
February 20 ’04: Cafe Glocksee, Hannover (D) www.cafe-glocksee.de 
February 21 ’04: Star Club, Dresden (D) starclub.vakuum.net 
February 22 ’04: ColumbiaFritz, Berlin (D) www.columbiafritz.de 
February 24 ’04: Objekt 5, Halle (D) www.objekt5.de 
February 25 ’04: Karlstorbahnhof, Heidelberg (D) www.karlstorbahnhof.de 
February 26 ’04: Muffathalle, München (D) www.muffathalle.de (Free gig!) 
February 27 ’04: Rätschenmühle, Geislingen (D) www.raetsche.de 
February 28 ’04: Alter Schl8hof, Wels (D) www.schl8hof.wels.at 
February 29 ’04: Szene, Vienna (AUT) www.szenewien.com 
March 2 ’04: Festung, Traunstein (D) www.cafe-festung.de 
March 2 ’04: El Lokal, Zürich (CH) www.ellokal.ch 
March 4 ’04: L’Usine, Genève (CH) www.usine.ch 
March 5 ’04: Boa, Luzern (CH) www.boaluzern.ch 
March 6 ’04: Fri-son, Fribourg (CH) www.fri-son.ch 
March 8 ’04: La Maroquinerie, Paris (F) www.lamaroquinerie.fr (TBC) 
March 9 ’04: Gebäude 9, Köln (D) www.gebaeude9.de 
March 10 ’04: Handelsbeurs, Gent (B) www.handelsbeurs.be 
March 12 ’04: Studenterhuset, Aalborg (DK) www.studenterhuset.dk 
March 13 ’04: Studenterhuset, Arhus (DK) 
March 14 ’04: Pusterviks Baren, Göteborg (S) www.pusterviksbaren.com 
March 16 ’04: Garage, Bergen (N) www.garage.no 
March 17 ’04: Folken, Stavanger (N) www.folken.no 
March 18 ’04: John Dee Live Club, Oslo (N) www.rockefeller.no 
March 19 ’04: Debaser, Stockholm (S) debaser.nu 
March 20 ’04: Vega, Copenhagen (DK) 
March 21 ’04: Rythmeposten, Odense (DK) 
March 23 ’04: Mousonturm, Frankfurt (D) www.mousonturm.de 
March 24 ’04: E-Werk, Erlangen (D) www.e-werk.de 
March 25 ’04: Kulturfabrik, Krefeld (D) www.kulturfabrik-krefeld.de 
March 26 ’04: Patronaat, Haarlem, (NL) www.patronaat.nl 
March 27 ’04: Tivoli, Utrecht (NL) www.tivoli.nl 
March 28 ’04: Den Atelier, Luxembourg (L) www.atelier.lu 
March 30 ’04: Islington Academy, London (UK) www.islington-academy.co.uk 
March 31 ’04: (UK) 
April 1 ’04: Glasgow (UK) 
April 2 ’04: Whelans, Dublin (IRL) www.whelanslive.com 
April 3 ’04: (UK) 
April 4 ’04: All Tomorrow’s Parties, Camber Sands (UK) www.atpfestival.com 

Swervedriver has a split 7″ with Sophia available. Look for their “Wrong Treats” EP available later this year! It will contain more songs than the import single! Their Space Travel Rock and Roll single is available domestically (limited to 2,500 CDs/500 LPs). Same as the Australian release but with much better packaging.