The second Adam Franklin album Spent Bullets is released March 31st in North America on Second Motion (Cds), Hi-Speed Soul (vinyl) and iTunes. Release date in the UK/EU is early May through Cargo

While supplies last you can order the $29.99 “Deluxe Version” which is limited edition Vinyl, SIGNED CD, MP3 download, FLAC download and a Second Motion Records sampler (includes tracks from Swervedriver, The Church, Ken Stringfellow and The Disciplines, Tommy Keene, Gemma Hayes, etc)

Adam Franklin & Bolts of Melody will be hitting the road in the US in 2009 and the first tour in June will be touring with Aussie rockers The Church. Full dates are yet to be confirmed but we do know it will start June 10th in San Diego and finish up around July 11th. Full dates to follow very soon we hope.

There is also a download-only release planned in late Spring or early summer of the Jamnow radio session. Originally broadcast December 2007 and titled A Soundworld of Rain this featuring features Adam with pedal steel maestro and sometime Bolt of Melody Gerald Menke, playing measured and reverb-drenched versions of Bolts of Melody songs with a couple of Swervedriver nuggets in there also.

Adam will be playing guitar with Sophia in May in support of their new album There Are No Goodbyes. Go here for

And finally go grab the Swervedriver re-issues of Raise and Mezcal Head while they last as they are a limited run!

Really finally this time, please check out some interviews and articles that have come in lately:

Spent Bullets is only 1 month away.  It comes out March 31st and promises to be very strong.

Adam’s cyber team has put up a new site at / that deserves to be visited.  It is a guide to everything Adam has done.  You can stream a track from each of his releases dating back to the pre Swervedriver Shake Appeal days.

There is talk of a tour supporting Australia’s The Church.  Details are few but June 10th attracts the most winks and nods so far.

Spent Bullets is going to get its own tour as well so I’ll post those dates on that when I get them.

“As the last notes of ‘Teardrops’ fade into ‘Bolts of Melody’, and your head starts to lull in a slow Hendrix – Electric Ladyland approval at another mind-blower of a song… you can take solace in the fact that you’re not even a quarter of the way into an album that will surely go down on record as some of Franklin’s finest material.

“Nearly eighteen years have passed since Raise‘s 1991 release but the glorious opener Sci-Flyer still sounds positively thrilling today.”

Right now you can stream a track from the upcoming Adam Franklin album Spent Bullets on the high speed soul site. The album is due to be released March 31st and you can pre-order limited edition vinyl now. With the pre-order you get future access to digital copies of the tracks so you can’t lose.

Adam has been busy adding new tracks to his myspace as well so check it out now:

Lastly the US release of remastered versions of Swervedriver’s Raise and Mezcal Head are selling right now. If you act fast you may still be able to grab the complementary squirt guns and a poster signed by the band.

Big news this week. I just heard that: 

Adam Franklin’s solo record “Spent Bullets” is slated for March 31st (cover below) Second Motion Records is putting that one out and Hi-Speed Soul is doing the Vinyl.
Second Motion Records will have preorders up for by Feb 15th and anyone buying that off my their will get the digital files and booklets for the record, Hi-Speed Soul is doing the same with the vinyl.
Second Motion Records will be selling vinyl of it too only on the site and with Adam at shows but Hi-Speed Soul is doing it for retail.
Second Motion Records is putting out the CD and will have song samples up by then too for people to check it out.

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